Confessions of a Bookworm (at Tumblr)

Posted: November 1, 2010 in book recs, meme

Because I can’t actually finish a meme someone else made at Tumblr, I decided to start my own. Haha. There are still only three confessions at the moment, but I’m quite enjoying it. 🙂

This is so true. I always feel the need to bubblewrap my book-nerd heart whenever I get attached to a certain fictional character, especially when I know they’re going to be hurt. I make all sorts of reactions when they’re getting in trouble, when they just avoided a brush with death, or even when they’re just contemplating about something. Being the only bookworm at home, all my family members think it’s a rather amusing/adorable quirk of mine. Sometimes, though, I catch them throwing confused glances at my direction, their faces flashing why-the-heck-is-she-crying-now-she’s-just-laughing-about-fifteen-minutes-ago expressions. Not that I can blame them…but still, I wish I can bring them to see the world these books are showing me. If only they’re willing. *snorts*

This is not the first time I wish there are more than 24 hours a day. Or that I have eight arms. Or four eyes. Not that I want to be a genetic freak or anything; it’s just…a bookworm thing. *shrugs*. Having said that, books are not my whole life contrary to what many people believe. However, it is true that I don’t think I can survive a day without reading even ten pages of a book. I’m serious. No matter how busy I am, I make it a point to squeeze even a thirty-minute time for a novel. It has become a necessity. I miss the days when I can sit or lie whole day, losing myself in a fictional world, but other important things tug at my attention. :/

You can’t get a plane ticket to Narnia (or kick open your wardrobe and pretend you’re being sucked in a new world without feeling like a childish bubblehead), but you can sure get yourself comfy, grab some books, a mug of hot chocolate, and set your imagination in action. That’s enough to get you wherever you want. No one can stop you from going to places one paragraph at a time, if you just do it the right way. Books can bring you anywhere, whether that certain place exists in the real world or not–they’re your cheapest passport. 🙂

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